We are so excited to announce Dream Bigger 2020!

During the FIGMENT NYC, hundreds of artists come together to transform Roosevelt Island into a large-scale collaborative artwork that is enjoyed by thousands of participants over the course of the weekend.
This year, we want to Dream Bigger. In addition to our annual call for art for the FIGMENT NYC event (which will be released in January and close in April), we're looking for ten (10) high-impact participatory weekend-long projects for the FIGMENT NYC event, June 6-7, 2020. 

For this special call, we are looking for projects in any discipline that can achieve significant impact by (1) involving a large number of participants, (2) being intensely interactive or participatory, (3) being visually stunning, (4) having an interesting or provocative concept, (5) displaying radical efforts towards sustainability throughout all phases of production, (6) embracing this year’s question “What if the future is possible?”.
We envision these projects all taking place outside (rain or shine) over the weekend, and being staffed by the artist and their team, as well as volunteers. Projects can be set up a day or two before the event, and can be taken down a day or two after the event.

The anticipated dates of FIGMENT NYC 2020 are June 6-7, 2020. The public hours of the event will be 10a-10p on Saturday, and 10a-6p on Sunday.
Grant of $1000 can be offered as either a tax-free reimbursement covering expenses, or as a taxable stipend. For projects that are more ambitious and require a larger budget, FIGMENT will partner with you to support the development and promotion of a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds for your project.

Please follow the instructions to submit a proposal for FIGMENT NYC 2020's “Dream Bigger” Call for High-Impact Weekend-Long Projects!

To view previous projects, click here. 

Dream Bigger is about artists looking beyond what is within reach, and this year we want you to dream larger than life. We want you to dream with the future in mind, while embracing the challenge to create responsibly.

On a daily basis we hear about the rising of the global temperature on Earth. Scientists warn us about yet another animal species going extinct. The lack of access to clean water pushes large communities to displacement. Wars, conflicts, and violence are undeniably ever present in our media, as well as outside of them. Examples of intolerance and racism, fear of immigrants, economic instability, growing poverty gap, overpopulation, hunger... It would seem that there is no hope for the future. But...


For this season of Dream Bigger, we are looking for projects that take us into a future we could never have imagined How does it look like? How does it feel? What sounds does it make? What does the future look like in your wildest, most wonderful dreams?

Let's build it together!

Dream Bigger is FIGMENT New York’s open call for large scale, interactive art projects in any conceivable medium that are bold and wildly imaginative. Projects aiming to create a buzz, start conversations, and make people, well, dream bigger