Dream Bigger 2018

FIGMENT NYC 2018 Dream Bigger is a special program for high impact projects at FIGMENT NYC. For the past eleven years, the FIGMENT NYC weekend event has transformed Governors Island with hundreds of collaborative artworks that are enjoyed by 20-25,000 participants over the weekend.  

This year, we wanted to dream bigger. In addition to our annual call for art for the FIGMENT NYC event, we chose seven high-impact participatory weekend-long projects for the FIGMENT NYC event. To view last year's projects, visit this link. 

2018 Projects

Whispers in the Grove
By Night Multimedia Art: Kathy Creutzberg, Mirabai Kwan Yin, Natalia Lesniak

Whispers in the Grove is a forest of interconnected steel forms that symbolize the leaf canopy and cell neurons. Inspired by mycorrhiza, trees' communication system through an underground network of roots and mycelium which we find similar to human neurons, the internet, even our network of roads connecting cities. Steel structures made by Kathy Creutzburg will resemble roots and our own neural pathways. The hard steel will contrast with textiles made from durable waste that Mirabai Kwan Yin collects while journeying through different cities around the United States. The sculpture will be placed in a covered location with low light, where the forms will be brought to life by Natalia Lesniak’s lighting design. The forest-like structure invites people to wander or sit beneath it with voice tubes invite people to speak to each other from different parts of the sculpture.

Natural Plasticity 
By Cruder La Penta: Jane Cruder 

This interactive public art installation brings the impact of consumer and corporate behavior
regarding single-use-plastics into clear site. Beckoning the viewer to evaluate their own
behavior with plastic consumption. In order to change what is manufactured and marketed we must first inspire change in the individual. To positively effect consumer behavior we’ve decided to alter the local public landscape by installing 20ft replicas of a plastic bottles and straw into natural environments.

The Dynamic Listening Instrument
By Callan Fish 

The Dynamic Listening Instrument is an electromagnetic architectural sculpture that allows sound to be handled as a tactile entity. Participants can freely navigate a large venn-diagram of magnetic fields with a sounding bucket to listen to and compose a unique acoustic assemblage. As an instrument, the sculpture allows easy access to sonic and movement composition.

By SX2: Sanny Ng, Sunny Wang

With the intention to detach people from cell phones and social media we have created a modular system of interactive urban furniture called Turner. As a ring of tetrahedrons that can be flipped into different configurations, Turner can be turned into various positions to support different social settings. Depending on its configuration, it can function as a collective bench, sunbathing surface, meeting table, couch or bed, all with the intention of engaging visitors and fostering interaction. 

By Grace Hung, Selma Antoine, Kit Chung, Dorothy Chan, Kin Chun Ma

Life:chimes serves as an analogy of the experiences we encounter in life. Life is a fluid process with a lot of possibilities if we are able to imagine and explore. Life:chimes is made up of thirty panels that self-rotate. When the panels are aligned in a parallel position, they create the effect of a blocked path. The panels are colored with a gradient that creates a visual effect of continuity. With their ability to rotate, the installation appears as a colorful, movable maze. Participants are welcome to walk through the panels, touch or rotate them as they wish. Motion sensors that have prerecorded music are hidden at the bottom of the, creating sound effects when participants walk past certain spots.

Decalume Quest
By Transformative Art Collective: Sky Ruozzi, Timothy Kuzmeski, Gaetan Spurgin, Osmany Cabrera, Anthony Garbino, Becky Cohen, Lisa Manno

The DecaLume Quest invites visitors to grab a Principles Passport and journey through all 11 Principles of FIGMENT Project. A principle Lantern will mark each checkpoint where travelers will engage one of the principles through activities of expression, sharing, and discussion. Questers can also visit the Luminaire, a gathering place adorned with CNC-routed Designs in the theme of the principles. Everybody can contribute to the decoration by adding their own principle graffiti to the structire. At the Luminaire, guided principle happenings will immerse participants in song, dance, teamwork, and exuberant expression. Those who complete the Principle journey will receive a Principle Medallion.

By AIA Brooklyn: Josette Matthew and Noshin Apurba

JinJig is a game of strategy and skill, reminiscent of our favorite childhood pastimes.  Set at a human scale, the game combines jigsaw puzzles with Jenga, providing hours of entertainment and merriment. Players have to work together to get all the pieces connected, fostering a sense of community and highlighting the importance of every player in the team. It allows people of all ages a chance to communicate and piece by piece create a colorful and engaging structure. 


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