Your project submission must be received by 11:59pm ET on March 1, 2020, to the email address in a form of eight (8) 8.5"x11" page PDF file, formatted as follows:

Name your submitted PDF file in the following manner:
[artist or group name]_[name of project].pdf
(Such as JohnDoe_MyAmazingProjectpdf)

Page 1: Cover Sheet (one page)

  • Name of Artist or Collective
  • Physical address
  • Email address
  • Best phone number to reach you
  • Name of project
  • Brief (200-500 words) description of the proposed project, detailing the projects overall concept, experience, and interactive elements.

Page 2-4: Project Renderings or Images (three pages)

Please include graphics that allow the jury to understand the project, what it will look like, and how participants will interact with it. Feel free to use any graphic style that is comfortable to you or appropriate to the project: hand-drawn, photos, sketch-up, CAD, etc., all are all perfectly appropriate and acceptable. The most important thing is clarity.

Page 5-6: Detailed Budget (two pages), 

Break-down of a budget: 

  • your materials / tools, anticipated cost for each item
  • ways you intend to source the materials
  • sustainable alternatives
  • break down of the expenses to create the project
  • production timeline

We intend to provide each selected project with a $1000 grant (either as a tax-free reimbursement of expenses or as a taxable stipend), and intend to partner with artists to raise additional funds through Kickstarter for more ambitious projects.

Page 7-8: Artists Bio/Portfolio (two pages)

Please tell us about yourself, and let us know about other projects that you've created. Please note that prior similar experience is not a prerequisite or part of our criteria for participation in this program, or in FIGMENT.

We look forward to your proposal!