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The City of Dreams Pavilion 2017


The Winning design team to construct an architectural pavilion out of recycled aluminum cast into cracked clay for Governors Island 2017 Summer Season

A distinguished jury has selected the winning design in the seventh annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition: Cast & Place by Team Aesop (Josh Draper from PrePost/RPI-CASE, Lisa Ramsburg and Powell Draper from Schlaich Bergermann Partner, Edward M. Segal from Hofstra University, and Max Dowd from Cooper Union). This temporary pavilion will be assembled on Governors Island and open to the public for the summer 2017 season.

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Support The Minigolf Kickstarter


FIGMENT's Artist-Designed Miniature Golf Course is scheduled to return in June for its tenth annual summer-long season!
 Each season, new holes are designed, constructed and installed on Governors Island by emerging and established artists. Free to play and open to the public, The Minigolf Course is enjoyed by thousands of happy children and adults throughout the summer including players from school and camp groups from underserved communities. Their smiles and laughter are one of the biggest rewards for supporting the Artist-Designed Minigolf Course. 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, which was created to help defray the rising costs of building, maintaining, insuring and staffing the course. Learn about the special opportunities for supporters including club memberships, construction of custom-designed holes, and team slots in the first ever Governors Island Miniature Golf Masters Tournament!

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The Day After: From Reaction to Action

Well, that was a surprise. Voters who felt marginalized by a changing world came out to strongly support their candidate, whose election, in turn, makes others feel marginalized and scared, even threatened. The common link is that people on all sides feel injustice, like they haven't been treated fairly by the system as it exists today.

As Hillary Clinton said this morning, “America is more deeply divided than we thought.” So, how do we begin the process of repairing those deep divides? How do we build understanding and empathy between the different people and groups that comprise our fractured nation?

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