TreeHouse 2014

Video © Lauretta Prevost and Irina Varina

TreeHouse began in 2011 as an exercise in the use of reclaimed and sustainably produced materials to create a playground for kids and adults. This year’s TreeHouse is decorated with murals by individual artists and will serve as a performance space during FIGMENT NYC Weekend. Jones says, "The thing I hope people get the most out of the treehouse is Play. Not just the kids though the adults too. As adults we take 'art' way to seriously and don't realize that an experience can be fun, as well as meaningful."

Please help us maintain the TreeHouse throughout the 2014 season and bring it back in 2015 by making a donation to FIGMENT!

(c) 2014 Anthony Collins


(c) 2014 Cori Carl

(c) 2014 Cori Carl

(c) 2014 Tom Egan