The Treehouse Returns!

We're excited to announce that the treehouse will return this summer as part of FIGMENT NYC's 10th Anniversary celebration! 

Benjamin Jones, original artist of the famous FIGMENT NYC Treehouse, retired his original design at the end of the 2015 season, and now a group of architecture students have envisioned an entirely new design that will debut this summer at the 2016 FIGMENT NYC event.

The project is called FELIX and will look something like this:


But first, they need your help fundraising for the project! Check out FELIX's Kickstarter here!

The designers have proposed a flexible modular system based upon standard wood members which are eco-friendly, reusable and mass-produced. Participants will be able to relax in the mesh pockets surrounding the tree, and explore the variety of interior spaces that will showcase art from local artists.

We'll see you out on Governors Island from June 3-August 26th for the Treehouse's triumphant return! 

More Treehouse Info: