Suggested project materials and resources for Snug Harbor

Metal and Fiber Glass
These are suitable materials for holding up to the elements.

Glass and Plexiglas
Glass and unframed or unsupported Plexiglas are not suitable for the island, as when these break they leave behind dangerous shards.

Plants and Living Materials
If your project proposal contains plants or running water, it’s important to note that the access to water is limited when Snug Harbor is open to the public. If your piece does contain plants / living materials / running water, you must map out additional plans for maintenance and you will be expected to make more frequent trips to Snug Harbor to maintain it.

Wood and wood-like materials
While wood has demonstrated the ability to make it through the weekend, it can suffer in the environment on Snug Harbor. Consider using a few extra coats of paint to increase the durability of wood materials in your project. For durability reasons FIGMENT has determined for the construction of your project to use:
• A minimum of ½” thick weather-treated plywood
• 3/4 inch or 1" if you are using oriented strand board (OSB).
• Under no circumstances should you use medium density fiberboard (MDF) as it won't withstand the environment.
• Pressure treated wood is ideal and consider sealing the wood with 2 coats of deck paint.
• Lastly, keep in mind the weight of each of your sections.
If you cannot move a section with 4 people or less you will encounter challenges during install, de-install. We strongly recommend you design your project into multiple sections so it is easier to install, de-install and move should the need arise.

Small and or moving parts are likely to fall off and/or need constant repair. Anything shiny and pretty that can be pried off will be. Consider a child’s mentality and curiosity. Avoid sharp-moving parts, or pointy things that stick up even if it seems obvious that they should not be touched. The FIGMENT festival should be fun, and a trip to the ER is never fun.

This is not a traditional art event. When you design a piece for FIGMENT Weekend imagine that it will be climbed on by 15 people at a time, kicked, walked on, etc. — for 8 hours a day, for 2 consecutive days. If it rains, there is limited shelter, water will gather in low-lying areas and grass will turn muddy. Keeping that in mind, build for the apocalypse and consider a modular design for ease of transport and installation and de-installation. Although we have not had acts of intentional vandalism, anything that moves, is shiny or removable will be played with and pulled on in ways you did not imagine.