Sculpture Program 2014

FIGMENT NYC 2014 Summer-Long Sculpture Program 

FIGMENT NYC is proud to announce the pieces selected for the 2014 Summer-Long Sculpture Program.


Please help us build these sculptures and maintain them throughout the 2014 season by making a donation to FIGMENT!

Traffic Play by David Aronson

(c) 2014 Alex Taferner

Traffic signals are all around us. They constantly inform our direction, telling us to stop, go, slow down, speed up, walk, or don’t walk. A traffic light works all the time, day or night, in any kind of weather. Traffic Play gives four traffic signals the summer off, to play. What do they play? The classic game “Red Light / Green Light”, of course!

Powered by the sun, these lights sense movement through Doppler Radar. When the lights are green, the sculpture remains silent and a visitor may approach. However, if the lights sense movement while red, the closest signal honks until everything is still. Anyone who pushes the button in the middle while the lights are green will win a surprise of music and light!

Achilles by A Touch of Modern

(c) 2014 Alex Taferner

Achilles is a sculptural piece built with a number of plywood triangles assembled into a life size giraffe. A section of each triangle painted with chalkboard paint will represent a spot on its coat. Visitors will be invited to draw a vision of their future with chalk on the giraffe’s coat. As the days of summer progress people will be able to read others’ predictions and dreams for the future. The piece was created to raise awareness of the dwindling population of the West African giraffe. The giraffe is also a known symbol of intuition and farsightedness.

A Sharper Lens by Oreen Cohen

(c) 2014 Alex Taferner

A Sharper Lens is a battery of sculptures built out of discarded materials illustrating a battle between a constructed artillery cannon and an Iron Dome. While alluding to Governors Island’s military history, these pieces of “military equipment” actually function as kinetic Kaleidoscopes. Through imagination, visitors can engage in a battle of perceptions projecting kaleidoscopic views onto the landscape.

Magic Carpet by Kathy Creutzburg

(c) 2014 Cori Carl

Magic Carpet, inspired by Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass, appears as an unraveling fantasy vehicle ready for a repair, with the viewer lured to engage in adventure, perhaps re-working the unwoven engine area, having a tea party across an opposing mini- carpet, or possibly playing a game of chess.


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