Artists 2022

Put a Woman on a Pedestal!

StatueFest! Amplifying women who should have statues dedicated to them through pop up monologues. Featuring: Bekka Lindström as Alice Austen, written by Fengar Gael (12:15, 1:15); Renee’ Flemings as Augusta Savage, written by Renee’ Flemings (2:15, 3:15); Janis Astor del Valle as Antonia Pantoja, written by Janis Astor del Valle (4:15, 5:15). Dev Bondarin, directing. StatueFest is produced by artistic instigators Janis Astor del Valle, Cindy Cooper, Cheryl Davis and Deborah Savadge. For more information about StatueFest:

Featuring: Janis Astor del Valle as Antonia Pantoja, written by Janis Astor del Valle; Bekka Lindström as Alice Austen, written by Fengar Gael; Renee’ Flemings as Augusta Savage, written by Renee’ Flemings. Dev Bondarin, directing.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Scenes from A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare featuring, from LIU POST's Theater Department; Virginia Alonso-Luis, Gabrielle Anderson, Patrick Blanner, Lauren Bobrow, Nichole Conrad, Quinn Doyle, Suzie Glover, Rebecca Goldfarb, Sadie (Moss) Hart, William Jahn, Noah Kessler, Olivia Magaraci, Julian Schenker, Grey Sindaco & Violet Taber. A very modern version of this summertime classic staged by Melanie S. Armer with new music by Chad Raines and costumes by Kerry Gibbons. The forest is full of magic. Gender is fluid. Love wins.

Theater Students of Long Island University Post Campus staged by Melanie S. Armer with new music by Chad Raines and costumes by Kerry Gibbons.

Some Clowns

Some Clowns create and perform original comedy for all ages with music, dancing, storytelling, audience interaction, dumb jokes and circus acts. These clowns, Jailbreak Yeasty Susan, Loner, Hope, Yoyo, Sven Sven Mount Saint Anderson, Turtle & Zero are waiting backstage in any and every space that dares call itself a performance one, no matter how ramshackle, for their big chance to come to the audience and give away their fun. During this pandemic they’ve been back there a long time! Dreaming big dreams, practicing their folderall, falling in and out of love and out and in again, arguing, weeping, hugging with all their might and/or a bit reluctantly, and trying not to set anything on fire or break too much, Jailbreak Yeasty Sooosan put that down! While we’ve been inside, they may have taken a few trips through the watercolor world of our imagination to places like Vermont through magic portals and on empty commuter trains. Some Clowns endeavors to keep the comic world alive with a specific eye to promoting a simple, beautiful and hilarious form of clown that speaks to our shared humanity and can be enjoyed by all.

Some Clowns is directed by Virginia Scott of Fizgig Studio

What Do You Wish For?

Day de Dada "Wish Sisters" explore wishing and provide Figment participants a chance to consider a wish that is important to them and then reveal it. There is great power in a disclosed wish, it begins an energy movement. Thinking, writing, revealing a wish helps one to recognize themselves and prioritize their actions.

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective has performed and produced cultural events for 20 years, presenting unique work that includes spontaneous and experimental performance art, installations, video, film, music, noise and interactive events that are theme based. More info at

Dance Out

Dance Rising offers a Hyper-Local Dance Out for the Figment 2022 Festival! Dancers and choreographers will take space in the beautiful landscape of Snug Harbor and offer short, inspiring performances as a way of sharing their art, being in solidarity with one another and in community with the Figment Audiences. Dance Rising is a grassroots collective formed to offer Embodied Advocacy for the Dance Field.

The Dance Rising Collective formed in August 2020 in response to the pandemic. Produced by a collective of NYC dance artists and administrators. Dance Rising is a platform for embodied advocacy that affirms the importance of dance in all its forms, makes dance visible in a re-opening landscape, and sparks crucial conversations about the future of our field.

UBU 22

Pere Ubu may be the most notable character in the legacy of the Theater of the Absurd—a character first created in Alfred Jarry's groundbreaking play, 'Ubu Roi'. In this performance, Pere wishes to turn away from his origins, and instead become a member of the 'society elite' BUT since he wasn't created that way, he roams, with a strong desire to be educated, modern and 'current'—approaching society head-on with his predictable unspeakable languaging, which now includes a new-found digital platform—exciting!

Michael Freeman is a dramatist and poet. His poetry was selected for the 2021 Americas Poetry Festival and was published by Artepoetica Press. His poetic play is a work-in-progress titled "Butterfly Strokes' received a 2021 City Corps artists grant and was performed at Clemente Center in Manhattan. He has received funding from the Dramatists Guild of America and is a recipient of the prestigious SUNY Richard Porter Leach fellowship. He holds a BA in Cultural Studies from SUNY Empire State College.


#TakeASelfieOnMe is a durational performance created and performed by Andressa Furletti. The costume is made of mirrors so when someone takes a picture, somewhere they will find a selfie. As the performer slowly moves, she gives the audience different reflections of themselves and of the environment. The performance sparks curiosity and invites the audience to play and be part of it. This performance has been seen in New York (USA), Paris (France), Berlin (Germany), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Ouro Preto (Brazil), Miami (USA), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and at Burning Man (USA) 2015 and 2017.

Originally from Brazil, Andressa Furletti is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. She is the co-founder and artistic director of Group .BR, NY’s only Brazilian theater company ( Her artistic works include stage and film acting, performance art, art installation, photography, and filmmaking. Her inspiration comes from her degrees in Biology, Filmmaking, the acting conservatory training at Stella Adler Studio and many workshops and intensives such as the Mitu Thailand Artist Intensive in Bangkok and the Watermill International Summer Program (2011/2012) coordinated by Robert Wilson.


Skaus Vessel is a multi-authored project which will take shape on Sailors’ Snug Harbor, Staten Island over the summer. The site’s unique history led artists Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson and Markus Bråten to think about notions of home and community. Throughout June, Skaus will build a free-standing log-home structure which will become an axis of activity. A range of artists and community groups will be engaged to ‘make themselves at home’ over the course of the project: each contribution providing material and conceptual nourishment for the next. Befitting its maritime context, the project will set sail at summer’s end: reconfigured for the waterways and its next destination. Skaus will be on-site during Figment Festival 2022 (June 4-5) inviting members of the public to make the first contributions.

Skaus is representing Norway at the International Studio & Curatorial Program with the support of Office for Contemporary Art Norway, Rogaland County Municipality, Stavanger Municipality, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond Stavanger Kunstmuseum Venneforening and Øivind Ekeland. Vessel is presented in partnership with Snug Harbor’s Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art.
Instagram: _skaus_

Avant Prov

Avant Prov
by Køvvånng
As executed by the Amnesia Wars Company

The Amnesia Wars Company: Crystal-Marie Alberson, Blanca Franck, Dorit Elena K, Erin Krom, Carly Northup, Josh Pesin, Laura Petit, Rob Reese, Rodney Umble, Laura Valpey, Petrea Whittier

Amnesia Wars was founded by Rob Reese in the death rattle of the twentieth century, mounting script-less productions such as Three Plays in Search of a Script, Honey Harlowe, and Psycheroticproviholicyesandsomthinvoodoo! While never leaving improvisation totally behind, the company went on to script fully produced plays and musicals including Survivor: Vietnam!, Yahweh’s Follies, and 101 Reasons to Thank Your God for Donald J. Trump, Vladimir J. Putin, and My Dad, Who’s a Dick. After its NYC run Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe was produced in Auckland, NZ. AW’s vivid stage adaptation of Frankenstein has become a favorite of high schools and colleges, with productions in New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Amnesia Wars has traveled across the globe performing and teaching at improv and theater festivals, desiring to mix with the local artists and audiences, bring something with them from each stop to the next, and then back home.

Køvvånng is an individual and collective conceptual artist based worldwide but currently soul-situated at the mast-point of Ales Stenar on the Kåseberga ridge in Scania. The obfuscation of Køvvånng’s award-winning, critically acclaimed (and frequently derided) identity for this Cipher is intentional and necessary.

Earth Ninjas

The Earth Ninjas are currently a group of 30 kids from Staten Island. We believe in spreading positive messages and encouraging others to care more for our planet. We discuss topics ranging from climate change, recycling, compost, creating less garbage, buying less stuff, and even politics and how they all affect the Earth.

Homespun (Merry go round)

Homemade Merry-Go-Round by former Mason Gross School of the Arts alum. Al Gori built his first two person merry go round in 1987 as part of a thesis project at Mason Gross School of Arts. This newer version of The Homespun Merry Go Round was set in motion in 2004. Its new design makes it easier to assemble and transport. It can also run on batteries charged by a 90 watt solar panel. Al makes his creation available for a wide variety of events indoors and out often donating this family friendly amusement. Al lives in NJ and does all types of mechanical work and puzzle solving. Puzzles he's created have been presented on NPR Weekend Edition.

Sound of Aetherius

Sound of Aetherius is an immersive large scale sound installation. A hexagonal prism containing 120 strings comes alive with ethereal music through interaction with desert sun and wind.
There is so much more to share, but to save your time and energy here is our website and social media for more info.

Sound of Aetherius is a project dreamed up by artist Adela Wagner in collaboration with a core team, a group of friends and Burners, who are based in Berlin, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Prague.

Papula de Gaia

The Papula de Gaia is an immersive outdoor installation, inviting participants to enter a speculative habitat and meditate upon a strange breathing moss creature occupying the center of the space. The participant is enveloped in a natural harmony, bringing them into sync with each other through a rhythmic oscillation of moss, light, and sound. The experience brings about a moment of interspecies exchange: plant and animal sharing a common breath.

Brycebot is the studio practice of multi-disciplinary artist and engineer Bryce Peterson. Working between numerous methods and mediums, Bryce enjoys blending his expertise in digital modeling and fabrication with traditional materials, exploring new methods to bridge robotics, horticulture, and crafts. Approaching his art practice as a continuous research project, Bryce seeks to explore the dynamic between ecologic preservation and technologic expansion, often framing his works as artifacts of a speculative future. Best known for his ongoing public art project The Hanging Gardens of Brooklyn, Bryce has developed a platform for social practice and community engagement, viewing the development of humanities ecological consciousness as a key response to impending environmental disaster. As his practice progresses, he looks forward to creating more deeply immersive spaces and engaging many others in the world-building experience of an eco-utopic future.

ArtBox: A walk-through Sculpture

Sarah Aponte, an abstract artist living in NYC, has been painting for 20 years and has displayed her work in numerous galleries.
‘“Being a painter, I’ve always dreamed of sculpting but my art has always been set for an interior experience and has touched people emotionally and even spiritually. But now, I want people to touch my art as well as be touched by art — a physical experience of art.”
ArtBox will immerse the person literally and physically into the art blanketing them in color, shapes, texture and forms. “When I’m not painting, I’m teaching children. And the feeling of reward when I watch their innocent expressions of the world around them as art, is overwhelming joy. Children remind us to be playful and dream.” ArtBox invites you enter a world of color and feeling. Feel welcome to walk, run, even jump through the ArtBox panels of color. Feel free to be a child and play. Feel free to feel free.


I intend to play music that compliments and engages with Sarah Aponte's "Art Box Installation" to make an entry into the minds and hearts of those that come across her work.

DECOSTER is power pop music from Paul DeCoster, a songwriter/vocalist/guitarist that finds kindred spirits in visual artists. "Song lyrics and their spirit mesh with new worlds formed with the sensual and visionary color and pattern of art work."

Foliage Mobius

Wind activated mobile made from local horticulture waste; Upright Hornbeam branch prunings and cutback of invasive Japanese Knotweed.

NYC based artist. Making Mobius strip shape sculptures that can be understood intuitively as pattern and form.

Utopia NYC (Saturday ONLY)

Come help our city planner build the utopian NYC we all hope to live in post-pandemic. You will be able to work with others to draw, collage, and build a collective cityscape. Leave behind a city ordinance to shape the city according to your vision. Work as a team to imagine and create the city of our hopes and dreams.

Noé Gaytán is currently the Associate Manager of Art-Making Initiatives at the Brooklyn Museum. Before coming to Brooklyn, Noé developed his passion for art education working at the Skirball Cultural Center and Armory Center for the Arts in Los Angeles. As an artist, Noé is part of Michelada Think Tank, a collective of socially conscious artists, educators and activists working towards racial equity in the arts.

Stacey Kahn is a native New Yorker and a writer and arts educator currently working at the Brooklyn Museum. She’s the co-host and co-creator of the NYC based reading series Big Words, Etc. and is currently working on a collection of essays.

Tamar MacKay is an educator and arts integration specialist who lives in Brooklyn, NY with her pup Maple. She has worked at the Brooklyn Museum, BAM, the Onassis Center NY, and more. Her theatre work for kids has brought her to Belfast, Northern Ireland and Jamaica (Queens, that is!) For more information on her work, you can visit

Composting with Heritage Farm

In terms of programming, we can do a couple things on a fixed schedule, rather than be continuously available to participants.
1 - Heritage Farm and NYC Compost Project tour - Saturday - we could host 2 one-hour tours at a time which works within the event schedule, between 9am and 3:30.
2 – We can do a couple workshops on natural fabric dyeing with compostable food scraps - Saturday, or potentially Sunday. This will be happening at 2:00 on Sunday, May 15, which is also when we are hosting a Stop ’n’ Swap, so come on by. We’ll have teaching artists there to upcycle materials at the swap.
3 - We can also work with people to create ad hoc cairns or compost sculptures on the site as well, shifting locations to leave impermanent installations on the site, as well as bringing buckets of water for hand-washing. We can do that with our Master Composter volunteers as well.

"B" Creative

"B" Creative! We take boxes that can be reused and make them more attractive, covering the corporate logo with stickers, pictures, trinkets. The boxes are for people to take and use. Books that would otherwise be trashed can be turned into new works of literature: write a poem redacting words on a page, leaving the words of wisdom for others to read, hear and appreciate. Beads and baubles become your next necklace! This installation is full of objects that can be put together to create new and beautiful, even useful things, such as boxes and bags. Your imagination will bring you to discover your creativity!

I am Janet Kalish, an active freegan. I am a retired high school Spanish teacher. I actively salvage material that should not be discarded and do my best to repurpose these items to continue to be usable. I care passionately about our beautiful planet and strive to not waste and to encourage others to respect animals and our natural resources.

Hands-on CPR training

It is CPR awareness week and we think all FIGMENT Participants who are interested in learning hands only CPR with an AED can benefit from this free training.

Imagine Garden

Stop in at the Gazebo to see and help create a new kind of garden made with up-cycled material. This interactive, musical and floral display uses wind chimes made of bottles, lighters, bells, pill bottles, paper, etc. A garden to ignite the senses!

Imagine Garden invites participants to create a vertical garden using up-cycled materials. The garden is suspended 10 feet in the air and will "bloom" over the weekend.

Mix Tape

MIX TAPE: I want my 80’s mixtapes to be heard, let’s make some fun covers for them, and please take one home.

Ana Urbach I create small and large installations with plastic crochet.

The Museum of Interesting Things

Come tinker at The Museum of Interesting Things! This interactive demonstration and exhibition features antiques and inventions of all kinds. Each object will pique your curiosity and leave you inspired. How did movies and photography begin? Come see for yourself!

The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling virtual or live interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions that goes to schools, libraries and events. We inspire kids and adults to be curious. We bring back tinkering. I like to say it shows kids and adults that their ipods did not pop out of thin air! Like a circus...just no elephants!

Shadow play

Inspired by a previous performance Emma has done, "Lucid Penumbra" shadow play is a playful twist where viewers get to record, document and trace their shadows with chalk as they are constantly moving. Through setting a restriction of just sunlight and drawing utensils people must let their imagination and creativity flourish to create the art. By using just your body, viewers must move, pose, dance, and collaborate to draw and let your ambition take over all the possibilities. Create a village of rabbits, birds that fly out into the sea, a pack of dogs that are out to get you and your friends, a group of people dancing together, life sized starfish in a sea of creatures, you decide.

Emma E. Pesin is a Brooklyn based artist with a BFA in interdisciplinary arts. This multi-media artist uses mediums that range from drawing installation, video, sculpture/performance, design, books, to just about anything. Taking shape of the environment and finding ways to immerse yourself within your surroundings. Within their work she questions themes of self perception vs. societal perception, dismantling what the guidelines are for "normal" putting a psychological twist on formality. Their goal is to inflict anxiety and fear of our own mortality and morality of human nature by being raw and honest, starting with learning to understand herself."

Immigrants Are US: The (G)eneration Project (Saturday only)

The (G) Project Pop Ins – An Interactive Art Installation open to the public on Snug Harbor, Staten Island, Governors Island, NYC, etc. Adults and children are invited to engage in storytelling about their immigration status and experience – either as a new immigrant to the U.S. or through their family history. Through the process, participants explore our common truth as Americans: that we are ALL immigrants and are transformed into creators, storytellers and ambassadors for our mission. Participants create an impromptu artwork on a (G) Project-designed card that they hang in our (G) Pop In Gallery, record a video to share their stories and pose for a portrait. Videos are presented with permission as part of a series through our social media.

(G) Pop-In's are set-up by our (G) Core Team Members and ask visiting guest, "What is Your (G) Status?". Participants can create an impromptu artwork on a (G) Project-designed card, record a video, pose for a portrait, share on our social media and invite our friends to do the same. (G) Pop-Ins can also take place virtually on the social media platforms of collaborating hosts.

Immigrants Are US: The (G)eneration Project is a public art campaign proposing that we are ALL Immigrants of different generations, so that we may see ourselves in each other, and each other in ourselves: G-0 born elsewhere, G-1 the first generation born here... Descendants of enslaved Africans are G-16/18 (as are the earliest European settlers), and those of First Nations G-435/600.

Exquisite Corpse Poetry Table

“Exquisite Corpse” is a surrealist poetic form that crowd sources a poem from participants who visit and add a line to an ever growing poem, without knowing how it will begin or end. Jenny Pisani will facilitate the project while visiting poets will only have the line above theirs to expand on, and yet through poetic magic we will help manifest completed poems at the end of the project. When we are finished, we will have whole poems which will represent the voices of all of those who participate. It is an exquisite corpse because it is beautiful pieces of poetry strung together limb by limb to make a whole.

Jenny Pisani is a poet from Staten Island, New York. She hears poetry in the wind, can see it between the spaces of leaves, and is forever inspired by the meeting of life and death. She has called many places home, yet always returns to pray at the church of poetry. Jenny is driven by the magic of the written and spoken word and teaches from this place, as a teaching artist and citizen of the world.

Art by Teeth - SUNDAY ONLY

"Art by Teeth" is a performance piece that invites participants to paint by holding a paintbrush between their teeth. Participants use the paintbrush to apply colorful tempera paint on a large, freestanding paper canvas. Participants are encouraged to have fun painting a self portrait or just enjoy the feeling of painting in a non-traditional way.

"Art by Teeth" has been performed at Fluxfest West and at various galleries in Los Angeles, California.

Keeping COVID protocols in mind, each participant will get their own paintbrush to use and keep after. If they do not wish to keep their paintbrush, I will dispose of it properly.

Delia Vassar Semanchik is an multidisciplinary artist and teacher in Staten Island. She enjoys working with clay, paint, and up-cycling materials. She performs with Day De Dada Art Collective locally and across the country. Her objective is to bring communities together through unusual art making and new techniques.

Paper Making Project

Nancy is a long-time recycling enthusiast and artist working in reclaimed materials. She has been teaching papermaking as an art form for over 25 years. Continuing the tradition she began with Figment 2012, she will be helping people rethink where art supplies can be found. Please stop by to pulp, pull, and decorate your own piece of handmade paper, make and take a greeting card made with handmade paper, or just stop by to explore all the various art projects that can be made with discarded, recycled and repurposed objects. See and sample Metrocard origami, juice pouch coin purses, recycled wrapping paper, fused plastic billfolds, paper beads and other items!

Trick Rope Tutorial by Josef Pinlac

Learn how to Trick Rope like the cowboys with Josef Pinlac! This beginner demonstration and lesson is designed to teach you how to trick rope - western style! You too can learn the obscure art of trick roping by learning the most basic flat loop and then moving on to more advanced tricks.

Trick Roping Basics with Josef Pinlac. After learning how to do a basic trick in a local New York park, Josef Pinlac wanted to share his new found love for trick roping with everyone. Josef is a multimedia artist living in New York City. He is best known for photography and his conceptual art pieces done with the Con Artist Collective in the Lower East Side.

Love at FIGMENT!

Love at FIGMENT! explores the private world of love and intimacy that we all carry with us as we navigate each place in the world. This inner world is not always shareable and yet defines our human experience in a fundamental way. Participants of Love At Figment! will be part of an Oral History project as they share their thoughts, feelings and experiences on Love. This project aims to create a meaningful and grounding experience in which participants can affirm their individualities, while creating a larger mosaic of narratives on the subject of love and intimacy.

Melanie Martinho is a Brooklyn-based artist and educator who explores internal landscapes through mixed media and the collecting of oral histories. You can find her on

"Madame Ovary's Ignoringum Emporium"

"Madame Ovary's Ignoringum Emporium" is a place where passers-by can passers will have the opportunity load up on things they wish to either ignore or address. When it's time to "check out," everyone must describe the contents of their cart to the Madame or one of her helpers so that they can "pay for their purchases" in an appropriate fashion. Customers are able to customize a future for themselves according to a fresh new outlook. "Payment" will require them to act something out according to their comfort level.


Sound and Motion (Yoga with Bill)

Gentle Yoga class - We will start with a mindfulness activity then we will explore our breath and then move into a gentle yoga flow. This experience is suitable for people of all ability levels.

A few years ago, I started practicing yoga with the hope of improving my health, balance, flexibility, and posture. My routine quickly expanded and now incorporates mindfulness. I have degrees in Biology, Philosophy and Education. These pieces all come together in my current routine. In the Spring of 2019, I was a founding member of the Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Preparation Program for the New York City Department of Education. This group helps NYC teachers get certified as yoga and mindfulness teachers. The goal is to introduce yoga to children across our City. I currently teach virtual classes and occasionally offer workshops for private groups.

Sound and Motion (Yoga with Sean Egan)

Join this 60 minute yoga class! Come experience meditation in motion guided by music. Challenge and surprise yourself with the gift of motion. No experience necessary.

Sean Egan is a personal trainer and Yoga Instructor and has been serving the Staten Island community for nine years. @omnislashfit

Saturday Afternoon Slow Flow (Yoga with Renee)

Welcome to your Saturday Afternoon Slow Flow! This yoga class is perfect for a little therapeutic R & R on a Saturday afternoon. Tune in to your internal landscape by taking the time to slow down, reset and restore. We will begin the class with centering and grounding breathwork, and then move through a gentle, slow-flow, meditative practice. Class ends with a long, savory, guided svasana. Class is suitable for all levels.

Sound and Motion (Yoga with Coryanne)

This class will be a fun mix of gentle and power vinyasa designed to leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Coryanne is a certified yoga instructor with a background in power vinyasa, gentle, restorative, and accessible yoga. @Coryanne_

Punk Rock Aerobics

Hey Ho Lets Go !! A fun interactive dance segment using old school punk moves, like The Pogo, The Carlton and The Windmill. Come dance, laugh and get your punk heart rate up. Great for all ages.

Nanci Richards - standup comedian, storyteller, educator and punk rock/new wave dancer. Staten Island born and bread during NYC’s hey day of punk and new wave, Nanci has been educating and entertaining New Yorkers for 30 years. AWE’s Reader’s Poll Favorite Comedian, NYC International Fringe Festival, Ladies of Laughter, 5th Borough Comedy Festival participant.

Spotted LanternFly

What is a Spotted LanternFly you ask? Join a flash mob style dance with a familiar “boogie woogie woogie” to raise awareness of the spotted lanternfly and how we can help stop the spread of this invasive insect. Observe the dance, grab a fly swatter and “stomp and glide” along with us.

Jessica “Morningstar” Kratz is a poet and hiker inspired by the natural wonders and historic treasures of Staten Island.

Slow Dance Project: Love Letters to Ness

Do you remember your very first slow dance? Do you remember the one you wished would never end? Was your favorite song playing? Were there disco ball spots swirling around you? Do you remember how your partner felt in your arms? If you had an emotional reaction to these questions and more, please consider that it might be time for a slow dance.

"The Slow Dance Project: Loveletters to Ness" is a project that formed from experiences observing the effects of cancer and cancer treatment on patients. Inspired by subtle movements, a gentle grace, a slow dance if you will, this piece offers a space to those who want to slow down, extend time, and be present with others. This project is especially for those for whom time is precious.

Note: Due to high covid transmission rates in NYC, we ask that all who participate in this project please dance with those whom you came with (your partner, relatives, pod, etc). At this time we highly recommend not dancing with strangers. We will also be helping with social distancing via markings on the ground. Thank you for your cooperation.
#slowdanceproject #loveletterstoness

Yung is a long-time FIGMENT artist since 2010. He has created 9 miniature golf holes, most recently in 2021 for the town of Gerlach, NV, during a collaboration with Burning Man and FIGMENT. He also co-directed the FIGMENT minigolf on Governors Island for three years. He is currently a Museum Educator and Teaching Artist.


Solar Sonic Sound Station

We are a mobile Clean Energy Soundsystem from NYC. We began alongside a global movement of clean energy groups, but have now branched off into running our portable sound systems for various events.

Daughters of NYX - Flow workshop and performance

Learn how to Hoola Hoop in this Flow workshop during the day! Then join us during FIGMENT After Dark for an LED flow performance. Share the love of flow with us!

YMMV: A Participatory Digital Abstract Dance Video Miniature Black Box Projection Theater

YMMV is a miniature theater for video projections. Miniature worlds –
model trains, dollhouses, toy soldiers, aquariums, terrariums,
landscapes, dreamscapes. Throughout time, people are drawn to building
on a scale that lets them experiment and rearrange the elements of a
complete world.

YMMV gives participants the opportunity to create imaginary visual
worlds. The provided video combines live and processed dance video and
abstract animation. You can arrange and re-arrange the pieces of the set
to build your own architectural dream screen. As you participate, you
can discover and create your own story and manipulate the way the video
is seen.

What is your story like? How will you build your vision? Building on the
base architectural structure, select from the provided blocks and
abstract forms, and construct a landscape, cityscape, dreamscape – a
3-dimensional structure to screen your vision. Then take photos or
video; use your creation to construct and post your own story.


I wish to utilize digital photography and a variety of light-sources (mainly Flash, small LEDs & flashlights) to create an "After-Dark" photo-booth experience that excites and educates participants & observers alike.

Participants of this interactive art project can sit (or stand) for a light-painted Portrait, or dance with reckless abandon, or draw a picture on thin air with a 30-second time limit, or be bathed in a light-bath by myself, one of their friends or one of my own artist-collaborator-friends to shower them in lumens. This process is commonly known as light-painting. The interactive element comes with I give the participants as much freedom that time will allow.

New House X Figment After Dark

Snug Harbor is hosting Newhouse AD from 6-10pm in and around the Newhouse Center, with performances by Honeychild Coleman and Jahtiek Long (DJ) as part of the exhibit, Queer Van Kult: Revelation. More info:

The Newhouse Center has been an incubator for bold and innovative artists developing new work since the 1970’s, promoting inquiry and advancing scholarship.Current Exhibition: Queer Van Kult: Revelation. Gallery hours during FIGMENT: 12-10PM. More info: FYI: gallery admission to enter the gallery during standard open hours from 12-6PM. The gallery will be free from 6-10PM, during the Newhouse After Dark event.

Killadelphia Boat (Art Car)

Killadelphia Boat has been to Figment before. It was the last IRL event at Roosevelt island.
She is a 20' sailboat that has mutated to grow wheels and crawl up out of the water and take a 'walk about' on dry land. Sitting still, she is an amazing large-scale sculpture. Nearly 100% upcycled antique and vintage motors, tanks, lighting, and numerous fully functional devices adorn her. Nothing has been added for looks. Everything on her is fully functional and serves a real purpose. While she is awesome in her static state, she was built to move ! Once the 9 horsepower engine is fired up, she can carry up to a dozen passengers as she moves about at a top speed of 5mph. She sings a whimsical putt putt reminiscent of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Dozens of vintage lights and several horns ranging from a tiny meep-meep to a chest thumping ship's air horn are at our command to 'warn' and entertain all around.

Kostume Kult

Costume Giveaway- mainly focused on children with limited adult available. Facepainting, sound, 2 10x10 tents and 1 10X20 tent. Still working out bringing a centerpiece as in years past we brought the pirate ship, will possibly bring something else. Will update when more information is available.


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