Treehouse 2016

The Treehouse Returns!

In 2011, Benjamin Jones built FIGMENT’s first treehouse around a spectacular oak tree on Governors Island. Over the course of 5 years and with overwhelming success, people from all around New York escaped from the city to play, relax and interact with the treehouse, and Benjamin retired the treehouse at the end of the 2015 season. 

Treehouse 2012

(c) Susan Buck, Treehouse 2012 by Benjamin Jones

This summer, a group of architecture students will be introducing FELIX, the new treehouse!

FELIX presents the next step in the evolution of the treehouse. Taking inspiration from the nature, the designers have proposed a flexible modular system based upon standard wood members which are eco- friendly, reusable and mass-produced. Participants will be able to relax in the mesh pockets surrounding the tree, and explore the variety of interior spaces that will showcase art from local artists. FELIX offers new perspectives and spatial opportunities for people to engage with art, the tree, governors island, and New York City.

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Meet the Team:

A team of 12 architecture graduate students are currently designing and will be building FELIX on Governors Island under the guidance of practicing architects, Mark Bearak and Jordan Meerdink. 

Team Members: 

  • James Brillon
  • Mengze Chen
  • Arianna Deane
  • Mira De Avila-Shin
  • Bingyu Guan
  • Benjamin Hochberg
  • Coco Ke Shi
  • Christopher Tomasetti
  • Taiwei Wang
  • Xiaoyu Wang
  • Angela Yang
  • Zhengyang “Echo” Yue