FIGMENT is a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art by emerging artists across disciplines. FIGMENT began in July 2007 as a free, one-day participatory arts event on Governors Island in New York Harbor with over 2,600 participants. Since then, FIGMENT has grown significantly each year in number of projects, duration, participants, volunteers, fundraising capability, exhibitions, locations, overall level of commitment and participation, and public support.

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Latest News

Photos are in from the Art in Action 12"x12" Fundraiser!

Check out these beautiful photos taken by Greg McMahon at our Fundraiser May 3rd.    George, one of our producers, gives a talk to the partygoers.

Urgent Help Needed for FIGMENT

FIGMENT is really humming this year. We have events in more cities than ever (11 in 3 countries!), our ALPHA event was bigger and better than ever, the infrastructure and support systems we put in place for all our events are working well, and a new FIGMENT book is about to be released!  However, at the same time, we just got hit with our annual insurance bill... $32,000. This is 20% more than last year, 3x what we paid in 2014, 4x 2013, and 6x what we paid in 2012 and before. FIGMENT is growing, but by 5-10%...

The Treehouse Returns!

We're excited to announce that the treehouse will return this summer as part of FIGMENT NYC's 10th Anniversary celebration!  Benjamin Jones, original artist of the famous FIGMENT NYC Treehouse, retired his original design at the end of the 2015 season, and now a group of architecture students have envisioned an entirely new design that will debut this summer at the 2016 FIGMENT NYC event.