Using the artist portal to submit your project

When you’re ready to submit your project, go to to start the submission process. If you are a new artist, click the “Create Account” button to set up your Artist Portal account first. You will receive an automated email (be sure to check your spam inbox) with a temporary password and link back to the artist portal-click on that link, sign in with the temporary password, and change your password on the next page.

Artists who used the Portal last year can sign in using your existing credentials. Using your existing account will allow you to see information on projects you submitted in the past. 

Once you have signed in, you’ll see your Contact Details page. To update your details, click the Edit button. To submit a project for this year, click the “Continue to Submit for an Event” button at the bottom of the page. 

On the next page, you can start a new application, review an application from last year, or resume an existing application. To start a new application, click the “CREATE A PROJECT” link on the “New York” row to start an application. 

On the first page of the application, you must click the “Accept Policies” and “Accept Waiver” buttons, read the materials presented in the dialog box, and then click the “Accept” button in each respective dialog box. 

Continue filling out the application, clicking “Save” before moving on to the next page. When you click “Save,” the website will validate your entries and let you know if anything is missing. We recommend you “Save” on every page before moving on—it’s easier to deal with missing information when you’re on that page, as opposed to waiting until the Summary page. After your entries are saved, click “Next” to move to the next section. To go back a page, use the “Back” button, “Save” your changes, then use “Next” to continue. Be sure to “Save” your work if you use the tabs at the top to move between sections. 

To exit and return to your application later, click “Save” before closing your browser. When you sign back in, click the “Project Submissions” tab near the upper right corner of your Contact Details screen, and find your application listed at the bottom of the page. Click the “Edit” link to continue. 

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