Dream Bigger is about artists looking beyond what is within reach, and this year we want you to dream larger than life. We want you to dream with the future in mind, while embracing the challenge to create responsibly.

On a daily basis we hear about the rising of the global temperature on Earth. Scientists warn us about yet another animal species going extinct. The lack of access to clean water pushes large communities to displacement. Wars, conflicts, and violence are undeniably ever present in our media, as well as outside of them. Examples of intolerance and racism, fear of immigrants, economic instability, growing poverty gap, overpopulation, hunger...
It would seem that there is no hope for the future. But...


For this season of Dream Bigger, we are looking for projects that take us into a future we could never have imagined.
How does it look like? How does it feel? What sounds does it make?
What does the future look like in your wildest, most wonderful dreams?
Let's build it together!


We envision these projects to be built and designed with sustainability in mind.
Artists or teams are expected to eliminate additional production of single-use plastic within their projects, and actively seek ways to use repurposed materials as well as calculating the amount of waste/trash anticipated to be produced for the installation. 

We encourage you to think about your answers to these questions.
What would you like to happen to your project after New York?
How much trash and waste material do you anticipate to have when creating this project?
Is there a possibility to reuse it? What is your plan for it?
In terms of materials you need, are there ways you can source some of them, such as repurposed wood, recycled materials etc to avoid producing new ones?

We understand this is an ambitious task and we want to support you on this journey! FIGMENT NYC has partnered with the Materials for the Arts, an institution matching artists with materials like fabric, frames, paper and much more. Additionally we are building a database of organizations and initiatives working towards reusing/recycling and repairing.
All of the 10 teams are encouraged and expected to collaborate in sharing of logistical support, leave no trace strategies and other resources. 


  • Scale: We are looking for projects that inspire participation from a large number of FIGMENT participants
  • Participation/Interactivity: We are seeking projects that allow participants to interact or co-create the project in a deep and profound way
  • Visually Stunning: We are looking for projects that have visual impact and that can be documented and presented in still images and video
  • Provocative: We are seeking projects that have a strong conceptual framework, and that inspire consideration and thought. We encourage embracing this year’s question “What if the future is possible?”. Projects can create a parallel world, offer an experience, ask questions, educate, offer interactive solutions, opportunities to create change for a better future, and more.
  • Sustainability: We are working together on eliminating waste materials while producing FIGMENT. We aim to seek opportunities to reuse, recycle, repurposed, consume less and radically limit single use plastic. We expect all teams to be proactive in looking for new ways to do so.
    All teams must have a plan for their project after leaving Figment event (for example to reuse , recycle, donation etc), anticipated quote of materials (& ways to source them if possible sustainably), and a calculation of anticipated waste material.
  • Budget: FIGMENT will provide $1000 for each selected project, either as a tax-free reimbursement of documented expenses, or as a taxable stipend. Additional funds for more ambitious projects can be raised collaboratively between the artist and the FIGMENT team via Kickstarter.
  • Safety: All projects must be safe for participants. Projects that involve climbing are probably off the table.
  • Appropriateness: All projects must be appropriate for all audiences in a public place in New York City, and must abide by all appropriate laws and rules of Roosevelt Island.


  • November 21, 2019: Submissions open for FIGMENT NYC Dream Bigger Projects
  • March 1st , 2020 (11:59pm ET): Deadline for project submission for FIGMENT NYC Dream Bigger Projects
  • March 15th 2020: Jury meets and selects High-Impact Weekend-Long Projects; contracts are signed with selected artists
  • March-May 2020: Curators check in with artists on progress; additional fundraising for ambitious projects via Kickstarter
  • Friday, June 5: High-Impact Weekend-Long Projects installed on Roosevelt Island (anticipated date, pending approval)
  • June 6-7: FIGMENT NYC 2020 Event (anticipated dates, pending approval)
  • Monday, June 8: De-installation (anticipated date, pending approval)


We encourage artists and creators to submit as individuals, teams or collectives. We encourage projects from artists of any age, experience level, or background, and are committed to broad diversity in our curated projects and artists. We seek participatory or interactive projects in any discipline, from the most conventional to the most experimental. Attribution of selected artists will be given based on the names of the individuals or collective who create the project, rather than to any firm or corporation with whom they may be affiliated.

Deadline 11:59pm ET on March 1st, 2020
Email your proposal to dreambigger@figmentproject.org.
Please make sure your proposal follows the guidelines described in this document, and that your project meets the criteria described below.
After the deadline, our curators may request additional information, details on your proposal, or more materials before a final decision will be made in February.

Any questions may be addressed to dreambigger@figmentproject.org We will respond to any questions within 48 hours.