Project pointers; guidelines for Roosevelt Island

Things You Will Need to Bring to Roosevelt Island
• Everything! Roosevelt Island is an island and if you don’t bring it, what you need is not going to be there!
• Smiles, patience and a cooperative attitude – you are a FIGMENT ambassador when interacting with Roosevelt Island staff and the public. Be willing to offer a hand to other artists through the install and de-install process.
• Water. Bring a refillable water bottle. There are drinking fountains on the island and your bottles can be filled at those locations.
• Food (food is also sold by vendors and restaurants on the island, but it never hurts to bring your own)
• A crew of helpers
• 100+ ft. of electrical cord (if bringing corded power tools)
• Any tools you plan to use for installation, de-installation or FIGMENT
• Sunscreen and maybe a hat

Limited electricity is available for installation and de-installation. Keep in mind that the closest outlet to your project will be more than 100 feet away. Plan accordingly and bring your own extension cords and all tools necessary for install and removal of your piece.

Outdoor Space
Putting stakes down or making holes in the ground, we’d prefer that you didn’t.  Roosevelt Island sits atop a complex irrigation system, please anchor your art with heavy objects instead of stakes if possible. If you must put stakes in the ground, they can only be 6 inches deep maximum. Please check with your curator before staking. 

Selling things at FIGMENT
FIGMENT is an entirely free and non-commercial event in which everyone volunteers their time and effort to participate… the organizers, the artists, the participants. One of the things that FIGMENT tries to do is to create an area in which interactions between people are not mediated by commercial transactions of any kind. Everything at FIGMENT is free, and there is no advertising, nothing for sale, and no one insisting that you have to give a donation to participate. If people want to give a donation to help make FIGMENT happen, they can do so at a few donation boxes located only near the ferries and in FIGMENT Terrace. The idea here is that so many of our interactions with other people are based on commerce. At FIGMENT, everything that we do is a gift, is done for the pleasure of doing it and sharing it with other people. If that isn’t enough of a motivation for you, FIGMENT may not be the right venue for you. Please note that entities that are not part of FIGMENT will be selling food on Roosevelt Island during the event as a service. The food carts and drink vendors are not part of the FIGMENT event.

On the water
Roosevelt Island is surrounded by rivers but we do not have permission to place anything in the water.

There is access to water fountains on the island, but the locations are limited so bring a refillable water bottle, there will be water stations at the event. If you need a small amount of water (a bucketful) for your project, there is a hose, your curator can help you find it. 

Balloons and flying things
Without getting the FAA involved, you can go as high as 149′, no more. With FAA permission, it’s not a big deal to go up to 500′. Please let us know if you think your project will be higher than 149′ from the ground. If you erect a tent it must be taken down overnight to prevent wind gusts from turning it into a flying thing. 

Cooking and Food
We cannot cook or distribute food on the island. We can bring food for ourselves and our friends, i.e. a picnic. In addition there will be several food carts and restaurants on the island during the event. There’s no cooking allowed on the island without a catering license.

Projects including fire will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. All performers incorporating fire must have their own insurance.

Yes! Just as long as your chalk art doesn’t seem like directional signage and confuse people about where to go. Chalk art (which washes away with water) is good!  If you are bringing chalk, please submit your project so your curator can work on getting that approval.

Transporting Your Project
Think modular design. It is important to consider the transport and final assembly of your project in the design. It is ideal to have practically ALL of the major construction completed before bringing it to the island. Projects should be created in pieces that are movable by a maximum of 4 people. Be sure to coordinate a crew for your installation / de-installation. 

If it takes more than 4 people to move your completed project we strongly recommend you divide your project into multiple sections so it is easier to install, de-install and move should the need arise. We recommend transporting projects in “granny carts” and dollies. If you need a table, consider a collapsible one that fits on a dolly. These items are available at most hardware stores.

How to make your project participatory
FIGMENT is a unique art event in that all projects presented at the event must be participatory and interactive. Participatory art involves the participation of the audience in the creation of the work. We encourage artists who may work in more traditional ways to introduce a participatory element to their pieces for FIGMENT. To help get you started, here are some suggestions:
- Host a workshop with your piece and teach others how to make their own pieces using your methods.
- Integrate a performance element into your piece – musical, theatrical, dance, or “performance art” are all welcome, and more!
- Host an activity with your piece.
- Create a new piece of work at FIGMENT and involve the audience in its creation – for example, painting or building. For more ideas, submit your project so that a curator can help make your idea a reality.