Call for Proposals: FIGMENT NYC Minigolf 2017

For the past 9 summers, FIGMENT has produced an artist-designed minigolf course on Governors Island in New York City that is free and open to the public. The course has received critical acclaim and continues to delight thousands of visitors of all ages each summer. Our aspiration is to make this years’ 10th anniversary edition of the FIGMENT Minigolf Course the most visually stunning, interactive and fun to play yet!

FIGMENTs mission is to build community through participatory art, and the artist- designed minigolf course provides a great template for artists to create work with which others can interact. For players minigolf provides an easy point of entry to participatory art: almost anyone can pick up a club and ball and interact with the art.


This year’s theme is “New York City Has the Beat.” We are fortunate to live, work and play in one of the world’s most musically vibrant cities. This year’s minigolf holes should relate to the sounds of the city or its music scene of the past, present or future.

Creative interpretations of the theme are encouraged. You have as much poetic license as you would like—be bold! Sound and light elements are more than welcome.

While you may draw inspiration from anywhere, please be sure not to use any proprietary, copyrighted or trademarked symbols or characters in your proposal.

In addition to strong visual impact your design should take into account the safety of the participants and durability. There will be thousands of players, many of them children, enthusiastically interacting with your hole. And your hole needs to remain attractive and playable all summer long.


A jury will evaluate your proposal based on the following criteria: creativity, durability, playability, feasibility, adherence to theme, budget, and community involvement.

In addition to reimbursing expenses up to $1,000 to build and install your hole, FIGMENT offers a stipend of $500 to each submitting artist whose proposed design is selected, installed and de-installed on time, and that survives in operable condition until the end of the season.


Creativity and Innovation: Your piece should be visually stunning and wildly innovative. We’re looking for awesomeness here!

Durability: Your piece must be able to withstand use by many thousands of players of all ages and sizes, as well as 3 months of exposure to the elements on Governors Island in the middle of New York harbor. Please plan for water, wind, and significant wear and tear. Please not that climbable, pointed or breakable holes will not be accepted.

Playability: Minigolf should be fun, not frustrating. Please design a hole that players can consistently complete in 2 to 5 putts.

Feasibility: You will be responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, installation and de-installation of your piece. All holes will be installed on Governors Island during a weekend in late May. De-installation will occur during a weekend in late August. The dates for both will be confirmed at a later time.

Adherence to theme: The theme for this year’s course is “NYC Has the Beat.” Please consider designing a hole in keeping with this theme that incorporates sound or musical instruments. The design should be fun to play and enticing for children and adults to interact with.

Budget: Please include a detailed budget for the costs of building and installing your hole. Please note that this budget should be for material costs and expenses only. You will be provided with a tax-exempt number for Home Depot and other area construction material retailers. Taxes will not be reimbursed. For additional details on the budget please see “Tips and Tricks.”

Community Involvement: We encourage submissions that involve community participation in their conception and execution. In addition, we require all artists to volunteer to work a minimum of two weekend days from 10-6pm at the minigolf kiosk over the summer. If you cannot, you must find someone who can fulfill that requirement for you.


Download the full submission packet that includes tips for building durable and sustainable minigolf holes, as well as reference materials on previous projects.

Submit your minigolf proposal by March 10, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET. Please email your proposal to [email protected] with the following 6 things in one pdf document:

1. Your name, address, email and the best phone number to reach you.
2. 1 to 3 sketches of your proposed piece with illustrations for key details.
3. 1 to 3 sketches of the holes’ structural system. Provide a scale drawing of your hole with dimensions for overall length and width. The total length is limited to 16 feet. Please note the modules in which the hole can be taken apart to facilitate delivery and installation.
4. Brief description of how your hole interprets the “NYC Has the Beat” theme. This can be as literal or as imaginative as you would like. Please note interactive elements such as those that make sounds upon contact.
5. Brief construction/installation plan: Where do you plan to build your piece? We hope to secure fabrication space in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Please let us know if you are interested in using it.
6. Detailed budget for materials and expenses: Artists will be reimbursed for purchased materials up to $1,000. Last year all holes were built for less than this amount. Any costs above the proposed and accepted budget are the responsibility of the artist.

Please submit your proposed design prior to March 10, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET. Questions should be directed to [email protected]

(Featured Image: Summertime by Gary Dolan / (c) 2016 Merritt Birnbaum)

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