FIGMENT NYC "Weekend" versus "Season Long"

The FIGMENT NYC organization is one of many FIGMENT chapters around the world that carries the FIGMENT mission into its local community. FIGMENT NYC is the original and largest of these groups, and its Weekend event is the flagship FIGMENT Weekend event globally, drawing around 25,000 visitors each year. 

FIGMENT NYC supports multiple ongoing projects in New York. These are split into two main categories: “Weekend” and “Season Long.” “Weekend” projects refer to the FIGMENT NYC Weekend event, a two-day event on Roosevelt Island in early June. “Season Long” projects include the City of Dreams Architectural Pavilion. Weekend and Season Long projects have their own respective curatorial and management teams, which work closely together under the FIGMENT NYC umbrella. FIGMENT Weekend provides the inaugural celebration for Season Long projects. 

This guide is intended for Weekend artists, although much of the material may be useful for Season Long artists as well. 

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