FIGMENT artist updates

FIGMENT NYC Weekend: What’s New and updated for 2016?

Governors Island continues to renovate and to offer new services to the public, which is requiring some significant changes in how FIGMENT operates this year from previous years.  Even if you’ve be an artist in the past, please read the following information carefully.  Drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Operating Schedule

Just like 2015, in 2016, Governors Island will be open seven days a week.  While this will make it much easier for artists to visit and prepare for work on the island, it has a few implications for the event that you should consider:

Vehicle Use

As in previous years, motor vehicle use is not permitted while the park is open to the public (10am--6pm) without a Park Service escort.  Because the park is open daily, artists will not be able to freely move a vehicle about the island during de/install periods after 10am.  Please plan accordingly.

Installation & Deinstallation Safety & Security

Please note that the park will now be open during de/install days.  Artists will still be able to work on the island before the park opens (usually 6am--10am) and continue to work through the day, but once the park is opened to the public at 10am, you must take appropriate measures to ensure that any unfinished installations, tools, or scrap materials do not pose a hazard to others, in particular, children.   Consider using warning signs, roping off your area, and having another person available to watch your installation until your work is complete. 

FIGMENT can not supply a volunteer to guard installation sites.  Unattended sites deemed to be unsafe by FIGMENT or Park Service staff will be removed without notice.

You are also advised to secure any valuable materials or tools if you leave your work site (even if the park is closed).

IMPORTANT: Vehicle access & The Cargo Container

This year, we are taking the FIGMENT principles of Communal Effort and Self-Reliance to new levels!

Since 2013, vehicle access has been limited to a few spots per day.  Because of the new park operating hours and increased island construction, we are anticipating that we'll have fewer ferries for even more vehicles chasing a very limited number of spots.

The Curatorial Team will be responsible for selecting which projects have vehicle access.  As in 2015, it is likely we will not know how many spots we have until a few weeks before the event.  First priority will be given to projects that ARE a vehicle, and to vehicles that are carrying multiple projects.

To facilitate this process again, we will be organizing an official FIGMENT cargo truck again.  Once submissions close and we understand the needs of artists for this year, we'll communicate specific details to all accepted artists.  Please note, due to vehicle limitations, we will move through cargo acceptations first and give priority to those artists that use the cargo truck over those that need vehicle access.  We encourage all artists that need vehicles to opt into the cargo truck. 

We anticipate the following process, which all artists should be prepared to use:

Install.  Depending on demand and needs, we may schedule additional cargo trucks on other days.  For now, we're giving an example of a Friday install:

  1. The cargo truck will be parked in a lot somewhere in the city.   Artists will come to the lot on Thursday evening to check in, and load their materials, rain or shine.  All materials must be study or packed in sturdy, solid boxes that a human can stand on (ie, no cardboard boxes or fragile materials).  Artists will also get their placement code and location at this time.
  2. The truck will be securely parked overnight.
  3. The truck will drive on the 8am Thursday ferry.  All artists with projects inside must be on the island prior to 8am to identify their placement location and await the truck to unload.  The truck will make about 3 stops in various locations about the island to unload materials, rain or shine.  The artist will be responsible for picking up and moving their materials to their installation site.  Artists will also be responsible for bringing as many people as needed to carry their materials, but we do hope that artists will team up at a given drop-off location  to get all materials quickly and safely moved to their sites.  FIGMENT hopes to provide carts or dollies to share.

Deinstall.  There will be only one deinstall day in 2016.  All materials must be off the island by Monday at 6pm. 

1) Artists may deinstall either Sunday afternoon or all day Monday.  Materials to be put on the cargo truck are to be returned to their drop-off point on the island by 4 pm Monday.  Artists leave materials at the drop-off point at their own risk.  Again, all materials left at the site to be loaded must be sturdy or packed in study boxes and labeled.

2) The cargo truck will make one round on the island picking up materials at the drop-off points at 4 pm.  Artists wishing to supervise the loading of their materials should be with their materials by 4 pm Monday.

3) The truck will return to the lot in the city Monday evening, hopefully by 7 pm.  Artists will need to be at the lot Monday night to pick up their materials.

Placement & Park Land

In 2016, the Placement Team is now part of the Curatorial Team.  We expect that this will improve placement decisions and coordination between artists and FIGMENT staff. Some updates on park land:

New Park Land

Governors Island opened 30 acres of new park land in and we are hoping to be able to offer this to artists in 2016!

Picnic Point

In 2013, Picnic Point was closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, and is not available to the public nor FIGMENT until further notice.

Indoor Space

In 2015, we had the privilege of using Pershing Hall for New Media projects. Pershing Hall looks to be available this year again!  We are also applying to use houses in Nolan Park and Colonels Row for New Media projects only. 

NPS Land

Certain parts of the island are maintained by the National Park Service (NPS), including Fort Jay (with the Magazine, moat, and surrounding land) and Castle Williams.  There have been pieces installed on NPS property in past years, and curatorial can try to work with any interested artists if we have enough notice beforehand to see if placement of their project on NPS land is possible.  Please apply early and communicate immediately to your curator.

One day deinstall

There will be only one deinstall day in 2016.  All Weekend artist materials must be off the island by Monday at 6pm.